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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Aiming for the heart

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Aiming for the heart




Usually, My slaves lose their sexual appetite after long terms in chastity, it seems they understand that their role is just to serve Me, and their cocks are of no importance to Me. But this one, he has a hard cock in his chastity cage even now, after 93 days of chastity. Today I will let him out of his chastity, and I will show a kindness slaves rarely see of Me: I will give My slave a real orgasm, not the usual ruined one. But he will have to prove Me that he really is virile and shoot his cum 5 feet away, right into the heart shape made of the rose petals he put into the box with the earrings he just gave Me. A real man will be able to do that. A sissy slave will not. And if he can’t do it, I will lock him back in chastity for the rest of the year. And then I will whip his useless cock and balls. On the other hand if he manages to do it, to reach that heart with his cum, I will let him worship My ass and My pussy, maybe even with his tongue giving Me some orgasms.
So let’s see what this slave is capable of…

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Thrice ruined and fed his own cum in My bed

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Thrice ruined and fed his own cum in My bed




For some unknown reason, My slave dreams of being allowed in My bed. Maybe he hopes that he will get more than he usually does from Me? I know 15 days in chastity have made him very horny, ready to give Me his cum. OK, I will get his cum out of his balls, in three ruined orgasms, while sitting almost naked on his face and chest, but then he will have to eat all that disgusting filth he made. And, to his misfortune, he made a lot of it, probably due to the term he spent in chastity. Anyway, when I’m done with him, there’s no reason for him to be on the bed any more, so down with him, the bed is only for Women.



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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Fetish Therapist: No Cure For You

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Fetish Therapist: No Cure For You




The encore of the Fetish Therapist Part I – Evaluation (a top 20 clip!), where I cement the fate of my “patient” by fully allowing his fetishes to consume him. by exploiting them to the max. His foot fetish has become so strong that he begs to be allowed to just touch my stocking’ed foot, but I don’t just let him touch.. I make him succumb to the desire. I have his cock securely bound and tied to his collar so he cannot move far from beneath my chair. He is made to worship, lick, and suck my toes, soles, and heels. I use my feet to torment his nipples and cock as well.

He will have a fetish for my feet forever.

This video includes: foot worship, orgasm control, real female domination, Goddess worship, mind fuck, patient/doctor, therapist roleplay



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Fingerless half-gloves double ruin

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Fingerless half-gloves double ruin




My slave knows he will be milked today, and his cock is already hard. And how could it not be when he’s feeling the smell of My perfume, hearing the sound of My high heels, seeing Me dressed in My sexy leather outfit and with these beautiful black fingerless half-gloves? Of course he is very, very aroused. So aroused that I milk him twice without any effort, making him spurt huge amounts of cum on his belly if two frustrating ruined orgasms. It was bound to happen, My sexuality and technique gave him no choice but to cum, but who said cumming will bring him pleasure? So big are the loads the ooze out of his cock during the two orgasms, that his balls are completely drained, and although his cock is still rock hard, there’s nothing for him to cum any more. This means he’s become useless and boring, not deserving My attention any more.

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Begging for a release

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Begging for a release




My sissy slave seems to have decided that the FemDom Summer Camp would be a good occasion to ask to be released from his chastity. What, he thinks that if he is here with Me he will be allowed to touch his prick? Or that I will be impressed with his 32 days long chastity? What if I add 332 more days to his chastity just for coming to Me with such a request? I can also make it very hard and uncomfortable for him to be locked, by teasing him with My leather clad body until his prick has not enough room in the tiny chastity cage. His prick is useless anyway, and after a month in chastity seems to start attrackting flies to it. Is it already? But maybe, if he begs Me hard enough on his knees, I will open his chastity cage and let his pathetic prick out, to feel the touch of his hands again. Or maybe not…

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Cum eating training by 3 Dommes. Starring Madame Caramel …

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Cum eating training by 3 Dommes. Starring Madame Caramel and Governess Painless




Today my slave will undergo the first step in his cum eating training: with the help of Madame Caramel and Governess Painless, I will make him eat his own cum. We put him in such a position that his cock is right above his mouth and are going to milk him, making sure that all the cum drips directly in his mouth. We don’t care if he wants it or not, it’s not his choice, he belongs to Me, his cock and balls belong to Me, and I can make him cum whenever I want and wherever I want. He must be thankful that today he is eating his own cum, next time it will probably be somebody else’s. But even though this means he has to cum, he’s not going to enjoy it, We will make sure of that. His orgasm will be ruined and his balls will be slapped, so that he does not concentrate on cumming, but on eating the cum. While he still has his balls and can cum.

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Milked till thick white foam and beyond

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Milked till thick white foam and beyond




Yet another week-end break with My travel slave. After a long day (for him) during which I never missed a chance to toy with him, when we came back to the hotel his boxers were soaked in precum. Oh poor boy, suffering like this the whole day… why not tease him some more in the evening too? Having him restrained on the couch, I tease and rub his massive cock with My bare feet, while My ass is resting on his face – recipe for an instant hard-on. Soon enough he starts begging and crying for a release. So he wants an orgasm? Sure, I will give him an orgasm. Or more. I will milk him over and over, until the pleasure of rubbing his cock turns into the pain of post-orgasmic torture, when all that cum he made turns into a thick white paste, and then I will do it some more. His squirming and squealing under My ass don’t impress Me, he begged for and orgasm, he will have an orgasm for Me, even if he just had some five of them. And I don’t care that his cock is flaccid and sore, that his balls are beyond empty, I will get that cum. Next time he’ll think twice what he asks for.

#1 clip in category “FORCED ORGASMS”



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Ruined in a balls-pulling predicament position

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Ruined in a balls-pulling predicament position




My slave seems to have the impression that he has strong balls and legs – we’ll see today which one of these is stronger. I will tie his balls to a table with his knees bent and we’ll see how he fares in this predicament position. At first, he will be ok with the position, but soon his tense leg muscles will start to hurt, he will wish to stretch his legs, but that would put a enormous strain on his balls, which I’m not sure he can take.
So why don’t I make this more interesting and disrupt his focus on coping with the predicament by teasing him with My almost naked body. What would he say about a release, wouldn’t he just love it? I might give him one, but I’m going to take My time, I’m enjoying seeing him in this difficult position too much. Teasing and edging him, seeing his legs tremble more and more and his frustration every time the orgasm eludes him – what can be more fun than that? When I finally allow him to cum, filling the table with a huge load of cum that just keeps dripping in an apparently never-ending stream, he is so exhausted, that even though the orgasm was totally ruined, he’s not able to have another one. Not a satisfactory one, at least. What a pathetic loser, the only thing he deserves now is to eat his filth, licking and sucking the puddle off the table.

#1 clip in category “RUINED ORGASMS”



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Ella Kross – Teasing and Denying, then Ruining Slave’s Orgasm

Ella Kross – Teasing and Denying, then Ruining Slave’s Orgasm




Today I`m going to play with this slave`s cock, but I`m quick to remind him that he`s not allowed to cum without permission. Let`s see how much this slave can handle, shall we? I`m going to continuously bring him to the edge of explosion, only to cruelly deny his orgasm. I command him to fuck my hand, and he eagerly does as instructed. With his arms secured above his head, he thrusts his hips back and forth while I stroke him and play with his sensitive balls. He`s aching to cum, but I refuse to let him. Instead, I drive him crazy but getting him close only to deny him the opportunity. “Do you want to cum, slave?” I ask him as he thrusts away, fucking my hand harder and faster. He tells me that he does, and even begins to beg, but I`m having way too much fun tormenting him. I laugh as I repeatedly bring him to the edge, and when I finally let him cum I ruin his orgasm by pulling my hands away and refusing to help him!

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