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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Spiky cockring torture. Starring Mistress Gaia and Mistress Ezada Sinn

Now that Mistress Gaia’s slave’s body has been tortured, with marks of whipping and scratching on his torso, it’s time to torture his little cock too. We will torture it by erection. How, you wonder? By placing a leather cockring with huge sharp spikes on the inside around his cock and balls and teasing him, knowing that the harder his cock gets, the deeper the tips of the spikes dig into his flesh. We don’t even need to tough his cock with Our hands for that, just knowing that he has Our attention and feeling the touches of Our crops makes his cock grow, and his pain with it. How much can he take this, how hard can his cock get, defying the torment of the sharp spikes digging into it?

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Milked bone dry

Another week-end break with My travel slave, in Croatia this time. As usual, I decided to train him during the weekend in a certain area, I think this is very useful for creating the best slave for Me. In previous travels I had a ballbusting training weekend with him, another time it was full toilet training, this time it’s forced cumming. So, over the course of this weekend I milked him something like 16 times. So now, there’s still half an hour before we need to leave for the airport, and I intend to use this time to make sure that his balls are completely empty by forcing at least one more ejaculation of out his pathetic cock. More pathetic that usual, since it’s been in My hand for over a minute already and it’s still as flaccid as before. But let’s not waste time, I have a plane to catch, and see if this slave has still got any cum in his balls. I will extract it all!#1 clip in category “FORCED ORGASMS”



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Captured sex slave. Starring Goddess Ezada Sinn and Lady Yna

The other day Lady Yna came to Me pulling behind a male creature that dared say “no” to Her when She wanted to use him. So She brought him to Me to show him how much stronger than him We are and that he has no choice but to obey. No matter how much he struggles, We will overpower him, We will catch him in scissor hold between Our strong thighs, he will have no choice but to submit. Whether he wants it or not, he will be Our slave and We will do anything We want with him. Crushed under Our combined weight he has no chance to escape. he can only watch powerlessly how We do anything We want with him, even milk him, to see if he is potent enough to become a sex slave, and feed him his own cum. he doesn’t stabd a chance…For more clips with Lady Yna visit the House of Sinn store.



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Wank for My boots

Hah, I knew it, you have a fetish for boots! I saw your cock getting hard as soon as you saw the soles of My over the knee boots. you like to see these high heel boots, so tight on My strong calves, it makes you so aroused. I can see the weakness in your eyes, your obsession with something that I like to wear, and I love it. Because that makes you addicted to Me, to My boots. you’d love to have the chance to worship them, wouldn’t you? Ok, I will give you permission to do it, but you have to masturbate in front of Me for that. After all, we both know that you are just a wanker. So right now you will start jerking off your pathetic cock while looking and My beautiful high heel boots…As today is My birthday, make sure to click the tribute button when buying (a bunch of) My clips. your Goddess deserves to be spoiled!



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Buried under Our asses. Starring Ezada Sinn and Mistress Ava Black

Mistress Ava Black has put Her slave at My disposal tonight; and it looks like his best use would be as a cushion. To test him, I sit with My voluptuous ass on his face, but, for some reason, he keeps moving too much. It’s not like I’m doing something unpleasant to him, I see his cock is getting harder and harder. Maybe it’s because he is smothered under My big PVC clad ass? Anyway, Mistress Ava Black will sit on his chest and this will solve the problem. The problem with the slave moving, not the slave’s breathing problem. That one will probably only get worse, since he’s now smothered not only by My round ass, with his head buried between My ass-cheeks, but also by Mistress Ava’s ass that is pressing on his chest and stomach, not letting him breath in. Well, what do We care? We’re having so much fun, enjoying him, but also each other!



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Hot ice cream teasing. Starring Ezada Sinn, Lilse von Hitte and Evilyne

Another fine morning at the FemDom Summer Camp, relaxing under the early sun with Mistress Lilse and Mistress Evilyne. It’s the sissy’s turn to serve Us this morning, but he seems overwhelmed. Is the sun too hot for him, or are We demanding too much? Or is he maybe too aroused to see Us wearing leather and latex? Probably the latter, judging by the wet stain on his panties. The pathetic sissy’s cock is dripping, even when locked in chastity. I wonder what will happen if all 3 of Us start eating Our ice cream bars, putting Our lips around and sensually licking them in front of him. Can his little chastity cage withstand the pressure of his growing cock? Oh, it surely will, that cock is much too pathetic to pose any real danger. The real question is can the sissy take all this teasing without losing his mind?..

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Cheesy sweaty feet licking

I love to wear boots. But, when the weather is as hot as today, My feet get very very sweaty in them. And that’s why I have My foot slave here: to clean My sweaty feet after a long day of filming. Starting by smelling them and the inside of the boot, proceeding to kissing them, licking them all over and especially between the toes, and up to sucking them, taking My whole foot deep into his mouth, absorbing all the sweat and dirt. That’s his purpose here, to clean My feet after a long day in boots.#1 clip in category “FOOT DOMINATION”



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Worship My sweaty pantyhose clad feet

I had a lovely evening. But it was so hot in the restaurant, that My feet got very sweaty in My patent leather high heel shoes. I know you love to worship Me when I’m wearing shiny pantyhose and I understand you, they make My legs and feet look so amazing! But today you will get an added bonus of the strong smell of My sweaty feet. Come catch the aroma as I take My shoes off, fill your nose with it! I know this arouses you, I can see that. Sniff My feet, put your nose between My toes, against the sheer material of My tights and inhale the strong scent of My sweat. Now start sucking My toes, I want you to clean all the sweat. Then stick your tongue out, I will step on it and wipe My feet against it. How do you like the taste of My sweat? I bet your cock is rock hard by now. Come even closer, become one with My feet and worship, woship them…



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – I will milk your balls dry

Darling, it seems that your cock does not react to My touch any more after all this time in chastity. I understand, maybe I have been somewhat aggressive with your balls lately, but you know how much I love to make you suffer. Ok, today I’m going to give you a nice strong orgasm. I will take your silly pink chastity cage off and I will make your cock hard. Do you want a strong orgasm today? Of course you do, you didn’t even have to answer this question. Look how hard your cock becomes in My hands, how silky My touch feels with this baby oil. Doesn’t it feel good, how I slowly rub it, how I caress it? Enjoy it while it lasts, because as soon as I finish with this – I will lock you back in chastity. For another year. Are you ready to cum? Nah, not yet, stupid! Beg Me to let you cum! Beg Me. Ok, are you ready to cum now? Come on, cum for Me! Oops, I ruined it! Because you see, honey, I want to milk you dry before I lock you back, so that I don’t have to unlock you again any time soon. I will only stop when I think your balls are completely dried out, so you’d better cum again for Me, slave! And again! And again!..In the process of shooting this clip My slave managed to cum 9 times (even though his cock became completely flaccid after the 5-th) – can you keep up with that?



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Deepthroated, then fucked and ruined with his head in the toilet

This slave offered to pay for the plane ticket, hotel and everything if I went on a city break with him. What did he think, that meant I would spend My time with him? I tied him up in the bathroom – that will be his room – and went out to meet some friends of mine in a pub. Of course, I took the loser’s credit card to pay for everyone that is having fun while he is sitting on the cold tiles, waiting for Me. When I came back, the slave was almost asleep. Not a problem, a kick in the legs will wake him up. I sit on the toilet to take a pee, and I can see this arousing him. I know he wants to drink My champagne, to be My human toilet, for a long time. Well, since he’s aroused, maybe we will have sex. I’m sure he would love it. So I go get My big red strap-on, put a condom on it, and shove it deep down his throat, gagging him and making him drool like a mutt. It’s only for his own good that I fuck his face, it gives him the chance to lubricate the dildo before I fuck his ass. And, since he is such a good deepthroat bitch today, I will let him drink My champagne. But not directly from the source, he doesn’t deserve that yet. I dunk his head in the toilet, that is its new place. He can keep it there, I don’t need it any more tonight. I tie him up in this position with his head in the toilet and now it’s time to fuck his ass. Without further ado, I put some lube on My big red strap-on and shove it up his ass. I grab his balls, to show him who’s in control and also pull his ass up, and fuck his brains out until I climax. It’s extremely arousing to fuck him like this, with his head in the toilet and ass up, in this very uncomfortable position, hearing him moaning in pain when My big cock rips his asshole. Now I want to milk him in this very same position, that seems so appropriate for him. I know he loves being My whore, I can see that from how hard his cock is when I pull it back between his legs. But it seems I quite underestimated how much he loves it, because, even with all the slaps received on his cock and balls, he still reached the orgasm much earlier than I wanted. Seeing he is on the edge of orgasm, I stopped rubbing his cock and started slapping it, forbidding him to cum. Still, he was so aroused that he couldn’t stop, and squirted a load of cum around. I’m not pleased by the fact that he came when I forbade him to, so now I am going to force another orgasm, even though I see he is in great discomfort when I rub his sensitive prick. That means I will rub it even harder, in the most sensitive areas, to teach him how to disobey Me next time. And I will keep rubbing until he gives Me another load of cum, in another ruined orgasm. When I am pleased, I flush the toilet on his head and leave him there, where he belongs. This clip is the full uncut version containing the clips Slave’s head belongs in the toilet, Fucked with his head in the toilet and Milked with his head in the toilet + some footage that was cut during editing. Video quality: HD 1280*720.



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