Cybill Troy – High heel ass fucking

Cybill Troy – High heel ass fucking




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Mistress_Trish – Heavy Handed Punishment

Mistress_Trish – Heavy Handed Punishment




Mistress Trish is incredibly annoyed when she discovers someone else’s marks on slave fluffykins’s ass. He is in for it now. Trish decides to make his already sore and sorry ass even more so with a good, firm, heavy handed discipline spanking. She starts off hard, giving him no warm up as she tans his ass with open handed spank after open handed spank. As Trish physically punishes the slave for his disobedience she also lashes him with her tongue for disrespecting her. By the time she has finished spanking him Trish is not yet satisfied that the slave has learnt his lesson. So, because he received the cane strokes of another Mistress, Trish decides that she will also cane his ass until it is so sore that he surely won’t make the same mistake twice. Again, there is no warm up as Trish lays into his sorry and increasingly sore ass with her cane. She gives him ten hard cane strokes, loving his pained reaction to the intensity of her cane. Trish asks the poor pained slave if he feels sorry for his transgression to which he mistakenly, quite possible because of his confused and pained state, replies “no Mistress.” “Really?” Trish sneers as she begins caning him repetitively hard and fast with a good twenty strokes. “Do you feel sorry now?” she asks as she beats him. “Yes, Mistress,” he manages through gritted teeth. “Alright, one more insanely hard one and I might just believe you,” she replies. True to form Trish leave him with a finish cane stroke that will, no doubt, make the slave think twice about ever disrespecting her again.



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Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – savannah and jasmine tease and torment little brother

Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – savannah and jasmine tease and torment little brother




Savannah and jasmine just get home from a long sweaty work out at the gym. they notice there little brother watching T.V. and decide to annoy and pester him. they join him on the couch, shoving him from his warm comfy spot. Immediately he is overwhelmed with the pungent stench coming from his sisters. the smell is so strong and raunchy that he cant help but blurt out how fucking smelly and stinky they are. Savannah and Jasmine of course see this as an opportunity. Savannah forcefully takes the remote from her little brother and starts flipping through the channels just to get on his nerves. they start to tease him with the remote, playing monkey in the middle with their little brother as he chokes on their terrible stench and begs them to return it. They taunt him back and forth until he finally ask what they want in return for the remote. Both sisters agree to return the remote if… he smells how stinky they are. He immediately changes his mind and tells them to keep the remote. however, they have other plans. They grab him and quickly pin him down, forcing their little brother to sniff every stinky part on their bodies. Starting with the both of their big smelly asses. Plopping down on his face to where his nose is buried in the deepest part of where the foul smells are lurking. They smother his whole face with there raunchy, sweaty, stinky asses and pussies Forcing him to take deep breaths while pinning him to the floor as he struggles for air. After tormenting their little brother for what seemed to be a life time for him, they decide to take it a step further and force his face deep into their dripping wet armpits. Leaving behind most of their sweat and stench on his face. He begs and cries out for them to stop, his sisters just laugh hysterically while tormenting and humiliating there sad helpless little brother. The bratty bitchy sisters could care less about his mewling protest. After torturing and smothering there little brother with their asses, pussies, tits, and terrible smelling armpits, leaving him permanently coated with their stench. he finally agrees to do all their bitch work, chores and paint their nails, do their laundry, etc. Giggling, the sisters agree but have one last fuck you to the little sibling. Savannah takes the remote and shoves it down her shorts and then rubs it all over her sweaty ass crack, before throwing it to him and leaving with a big smile. Bye little bro… have fun being our little brother bitch.

Category: SMOTHER


Keywords: brother and sister, smell fetish, latina, savannah fox, jasmine mendez, taboo, humiliation, pawg, stinky, forced smothering, forced, tit smothering, bratty, bitches, smother

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Mistress Petra Hunter – Pegged Against the Wall

Mistress Petra Hunter – Pegged Against the Wall




You’re up against the wall, legs spread, just how I like you. You’re in the perfect position for fucking, and I slide my strap-on inside your ass. Feel my catsuit against your bare skin as I pound you hard and fast from behind!

[Contains: Female Domination, Pegging, Catsuit]

Category: PEGGING


Keywords: female domination

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Sperm Farming in Space. Starring Amazon Alien Goddesses

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Sperm Farming in Space. Starring Amazon Alien Goddesses




Amazon Alien Goddesses have captured a male for sperm farming. He may try to resist but their milking machine will suck every drop of sperm from his testicles so that they may breed without intercourse. Yasmin & Riley take turns sucking his cock with the machine, the male is terrified but the milking machine feels so good tugging at his erect cock. They collect the sperm and take it to their laboratory for the cloning process.


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THE MEAN GIRLS – Slaves Can Eat Dirt. Starring Princess Beverly

THE MEAN GIRLS – Slaves Can Eat Dirt. Starring Princess Beverly




Princess Beverly enters the kitchen and see how the slave just wants to get some “real food” to eat from the fridge. Of course this is not allowed. With powerful whips and violent face slaps you punish the slaves for his misconduct while you also spitting into his mouth and face.

Then you tell the slave that if he wants “food”, it be scraps from you and your friends previous meals that are IN THE GARBAGE CAN! There is a lot of verbal abuse and face slaps to the slave.

You make the slave pull some old scraps out of the garbage can and you lead him out into the garden with a leash attached to his collar. The slave has to stop and must kneel down and watch as you pour the leftovers on wet, muddy soil. You grab his hair and press his head relentlessly into the now mud covered leftovers. With your boot on the back of his head, you command the slave to start eating his “real food”.

While he eats he has to show you his face now and then before you push it back into the leftovers with your boot. Next you allow the slave the privilege of eating the mush from the soles of your boots. When he licks the mush from the soles, you spit right into his pathetic face.

***NOTE FROM PRINCESS BEVERLY: You can totally hear my friend “Miss T” off-camera laughing her ass off and mocking the fat-ass slave as we filmed this. It was her first time seeing me abuse my slaves and she thought it was fucking hilarious that I get to abuse these fucking losers and actually make $$$ off of THEIR suffering and humiliation!! Like, I explained to her that the more I make these idiots suffer and degraded them, the more $$$ I make! It really IS fucking hilarious when you think about it. If more women knew about this sh**tt, i swear they would all own slaves and do the same thing LOL.



Keywords: princess beverly

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Electro Sterilization

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Electro Sterilization




Once my patient’s testicles are secured in the electric ball crusher, I inform him that he’ll be undergoing an excruciating electrical sterilization. The voltage on his crushed, flattened testicles will be turned up higher and higher until he’s completely sterile, fried from the inside out. To assist his neutering, I add electric bands to his cock, zapping it as well.
He screams and thrashes but we won’t be finished until he’s left sterile and emasculated.

Category: CBT


Keywords: fetish, femdom, crushing, vice, medical, med, neutering, femdom, corset, rubber, boots, cybil, bdsm, spitting, gloves

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Mistress_Trish – Viciously Impaled Balls

Mistress_Trish – Viciously Impaled Balls




Mistress Trish desires to maximally damage slave m’s balls with both pairs of her spiked shoes. She starts off kicking his balls quite deliberately and measured with the shorter spiked stilettos to open the slave up nicely. That doesn’t last long and Trish is quickly kicking him hard and fast in the nuts to increase the amount that his balls weep gorgeous red tears for her. She treats him to dozens and dozens of hard, brutal, nut tearing punts with a few equally agonizing thigh and cock kicks mixed in for good measure. Now that the sadistic pleasure is flowing nicely Trish switches to the longer spiked stilettos to completely tear lucky slave m’s poor aching balls apart. Again she starts more tempered to get a feel for how deeply the dozens of razor sharp spikes on her stilettos are digging into the slave’s ball flesh but, again, quickly amplifies her punts to insanely hard kicks. A couple of dozen flesh ripping kicks in and the slave is howling in pain, leaking the sadists favorite fluid, but taking it like a champ. So Trish keeps going and going and going, making butchered and tenderized raw flesh of slave m’s nuts. By the time Trish is satiated with what is now close to a hundred kicks the victim has completely saturated red balls. Much, of course, to Trish’s delight.



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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Three Giant Princesses Find Little Man and Put Him in a Cage




360 HD Video You are a little man who has been sneaking around Princess Natalya’s house. She found you and locked you away in a cage. Natalya has invited her girlfriends, Chloe and Mariah, over to her house to show them the little man she’s found. But while she was gone you escaped! You are hiding from the giant Princess Natalya in a corner, when she and her friends return. The three girls scour the room trying to find you. Chloe and Mariah doubt that you even exist, but then the girls find you hiding! The girls are amazed at your tiny size! They bring you into Natalya’s bed and play with you awhile. At first, the three giant girls coo over your cuteness. But then, things take a darker turn. The girls are mad because you escaped your cage earlier. They threaten to crush you underneath their boots, if you ever try to escape again. Once the girls have instilled fear in you, they playfully tease you with their giant bodies. When they are done teasing and playing with you, they put you right back where you belong, in Princess Natalya’s cage. Chloe and Mariah hope that there are more little men from wherever you came from! They want little guys of their very own, too! (10:44 long)

Clip Contains: Chloe, Mariah, Natalya, 360 Virtual Reality, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Giantess, Size Comparison, Lingerie, Boots, Cage



Keywords: giantess

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